May Prayer


The Believe in Shipley mission week will take place between 25th September and 2nd October. The week will provide a focus for events organised under the banner of Shipley Christians Together and also for more local events run by individual church fellowships in the Shipley area why not check here.

Matthew 13 v 8 reads: “”And others fell on the good soil and yielded a crop, some a hundredfold, some sixty, and some thirty.…”

We were reminded by Bishop Tony (Bishop of Sherwood) yesterday that as disciples of Jesus, we are called to work alongside Him in sowing the seeds (God’s Word of love and power) into people’s lives. We have all got to be out in the fields to scatter the seeds! For most of us this probably means living out God’s grace and holiness in the places that God has called us- home, work, college, places of leisure- and relating to those around us in a godly way that demonstrates and attracts people towards His Kingdom.

Bishop Tony also reminded us that it is not our responsibility what people do with the seeds once scattered. If our work and witness helps to move people a step closer to the Kingdom, that is a fantastic result!

So as Believe in Shipley approaches, let’s pray:

  • For the people we see the most often, that God will be preparing them and drawing them closer to Himself.
  • For the “forgotten” in our communities- the neighbor who we never see, the people in care homes, refuges and hostels in Shipley, the many people who have no knowledge at all of the Gospel.
  • For ourselves, that God would stir in us His compassion and passion for the lost.

Let’s continue to pray for:

  • The steering committee of Believe in Shipley, now all getting back to full health but still needing God’s protection and our support.
  • The various groups organizing events during the Believe in Shipley week: Debbie Skowronski and the team organizing the Big Picnic, John Froud and associates organizing music nights in a pub during the week, Daryl Hackett who will be coming to Shipley market square, Members of Shipley Baptist Church organizing events for the Big Bus, James Stannett and team organizing the youth event in Roberts’ Park.

Finally, give thanks for:

  • The Passion Play and the great response to this
  • The continued energy and enthusiasm of all involved in organizing the mission week so far.
  • For doors having opened and God’s favour on this venture, particularly from those in places of authority.