Prayer Focus July


The Believe in Shipley mission festival will take place between 23rd September and 2nd October synthroid levothyroxine. The week will provide a focus for events organised under the banner of Shipley Christians Together and also for more local events run by individual church fellowships in the Shipley area.

This month, let’s give thanks for:

  • The many ministries, both corporate and individual, that continue, often quietly and in the background, week by week. These will almost certainly “ease the way” for us all to invite people outside of the church to events during Believe in Shipley, as well as being godly services in their own right.
  • The many prayers that are being focused on Shipley at the moment and Believe in Shipley.
  • The great support from individuals and groups beyond Shipley.
  • That Caroline Andrews may not now need to have an operation to help her get back to full health and strength.

This month, let’s pray that:

  • The initial publicity leaflets are finalized and printed and that every single household in Shipley will receive one, through the concerted efforts of us all!
  • Inspiration and guidance for all the evangelists and speakers who will be involved.
  • The Puppeteers, coming from America, that everything will fall into place and that churches and schools will be greatly enriched by their work.
  • More of us will pray both individually and corporately! Let’s find creative and inspiring ways to encourage ourselves and others to pray for our neighbours and our town.

As well as the above, let’s continue to pray for:

  • The steering committee of Believe in Shipley; most are now back to full health but still needing God’s protection and our support. Malcolm Hendry still continues to suffer as a result of an injury sustained over 7 months ago.
  • Ourselves that our lives and words would cause those around us to seek God more and to be looking for answers to their questions in our Lord.
  • Those around us that God will be working in their lives drawing them to Himself.
  • Those living in Shipley on the margins of society due to homelessness, addictions, poverty, exploitation. Pray that God will rise up more Christians to work and walk alongside these people, again pointing them to Himself.